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Content Writing and Content Curation – What’s the Difference?

There is a new term on the internet content horizon; it is content curation. Those who are regularly into creating and managing web content will surely have heard of this term by now. For the uninitiated, content curation is compilation and editing of already existing content on the web.

In effect, curating content involves recycling content in an intelligent and efficient manner for use on a fresh web page. Of course, curating content is completely ethical when the proper references and links are provided to the original source. But, it cannot replace content writing, contrary to some beliefs.

One has to remember that it is possible to curate content only when original and well written content is present on the web. Original content can be produced only through conventional content writing (which is best done by professional content writing services.

What content curation does?

As said above, content curation is compilation of the best available data on the web. It enables you to know the current trends on the internet, makes you aware of the changes pertaining to your industry and keeps you abreast with all the information. Curating content gives you the status quo of your field of interest. This can be very important because creating articles without knowing the pulse of the web can be a wasteful exercise.

If you are looking to expand your business through internet marketing, then content curating can be of critical importance in making you understand the sentiments and requirements of the target clientele. Knowing the kind of information that brings in the maximum visits allows you to design your content along similar parameters.

What content curation does not do?

Content curation gives you good articles, good information and keeps you on par with the best information available on the internet. But, try as you may, it cannot give you an identity.

However deftly done, a product of content curation still owes its origin to some other webpage. So, whoever visits your webpage will actually be reading another page, if your article is curated. It might look good, but ultimately you want your business to grow and for that you need to establish an original identity, which makes you unique. Uniqueness is granted only through original and professional content writing.

Do I need curation?

It might look as if it is only for those who do not have original ideas. No, content curation can be used constructively. The amount of information on the web is mind numbing and it is impossible to keep track of everything through old fashioned searches. If you want to keep a tab on every piece of information relating to your business, then curation techniques can be of a great help. They will keep you up to date.

The right balance!

It is not a question of balance at all. You need not use content curation and content writing interchangeably. Curation can serve as a gentle pointer or a indicator towards the right kind of content. But, ultimately, producing the content that fulfils those requirements as well as carries your identity is the forte of content writing.

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